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Jan 29, 2006
Had a buddy in town this past weekend that was my partner in crime from about 10th grade on....Growing up, all of our fun and mischief revolved around cars - jumping streets, pulling emergency brakes, racing home late night, rolling cars backover after venturing into rock quarries, etc.....He just got one of the Volvo XC90's but opted for the V8....that thing is fast but i love the cruiser way more after seeing it this weekend....

We were cruising past a construction area behind an office park saturday and noticed a very rough trail that wound approx 1 mile down a very steep embankment....My buddy also owns a pretty well set up Discovery and his statement that made the light bulb come on was, "I dont like getting them all muddy, i just wanna see how steep of a hill i can climb".. That was it...it wasnt 2 mins and i had the front left and rear right wheels as feet as we sat in the cabin of the cruiser and gently rocked about a foot left and right.....this truck is awesome.

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