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Aug 9, 2021
Ahoy All from down under .

I'm chasing a centre line pto unit
Engages on the output shaft of the main gear box that runs through the transfer box and protrudes out the rear of the transferbox under the tin hat .
Must fit the FJ 45 box with the 16 fine splines .
Ive swapped the 3 speed gearbox in My 1973 FJ 40 for a FJ45 4 speed due to its lower 1st gear ratio .
Swapped over the gears in the transfer boxes as the 3 speed transfer gears have a lower ratio to compensate for its high 1st gear ratio .
With smaller diameter wheels running lower pressures to trick it into feeling its axle centre height is lower to the ground giving it even more reduction .
Roughly from memory by 15% approximate wheel radius reduction .
So it crawls along slower than my tractor both in " bog cog "

I did like to run extra equipment off the tear centre line pto .

Pictured with the twin tank FJ40 trailer ,
a single tank in the ute
3 ton of water plus equipment
It has a single tank trailer to go on the rear of the twin trailer and once with another 4 tank trailer it pulled 7 ton of water gvcm 11ton down and UP 10% gradient
3rd picture Included is the elusive beast





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Sep 7, 2004
Hey welcome to the web site. On your posting I am a little confused on what you are asking or talking about. Are you looking for a part or just mentioning on what you have built.


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