centre locker/transfer case

Nov 7, 2004
I recently bought my 80. Got it cheap because the rear diff was supposedly locked on. On investigation, the rear diff is fine. Its the centre diff in the transfer case that is locked on. I have read the forum and lowered the transfer case to get to the electic bits. removed the electrical components and expected to find the same sort of arrangement as on the rear axle. That being a shaft with a motor and spring at one end, pushing it or pulling it into the diff to lock it.
All i found is a cog. I cannot turn the cog either way. I could do with a diagram to show me how the components work inside the transfer case, or possibly a good description. I am guessing that their has to be a shaft that pushes a cog over to lock the front and back propshafts together. Then i need to figure out how to move it back to unlock the drive.

As i said at the begining, help!!!

:confused: :confused: :confused: :confused:
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