Wanted Centre console/cooler parts

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May 3, 2008
Qld Australia
United States
Guys wondering if anyone over there can help me. I have the upmarket 90 model 80 series, here in Australia it was called the Sahara or VX. IN JDM I believe it was VX Limited. Over there it might only be the Lexus, not sure.

Anyway my console cooler fridge plastic is getting pretty tired and looks crappy. I'm chasing a replacement fridge. A stuffed one would be OK as I only really need the good plastics.

Mine only has the lid although I see others have the dual lid which gives you a small console on top. This is what I really want.

So first choice would be full cooler with console lid, second chioce would be console lid part to convert mine and maybe get an upholsterer to upholster the body and front section. Combined second choice would also be just full cooler section with single lid. Colour is grey.

Can anyone help out not too many Sahara's wrecked over here and I'm not about model similarities.

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