For Sale Central Texas- 1983 FJ60

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Vehicle Model
  1. 60 Series
Edited: Asking Price 3/28/2022

Up for sale is my 83 Fj60. 168k original engine / transmission.

Recently have replaced the RMS, throw out bearing, battery ( optima yellow top ), rebuilt carb, engine oil/transmission oil and probably a few other things I can't think of at the moment.

Overall, she runs and drives and is mechanically complete and solid. I've chased out electric gremlins and a few other issues I had over the year. It's really a great rig. Interior is o-k but far from perfect.

The biggest issues are the rear quarter panels, there's no sugar coating that's fact that they're in need of some love. I am attaching pictures I took about a year ago when I initially thought about selling but never did. But, as with all projects and toys there is a time to let go and move on. I will take more updated pictures when I get the chance.

I'm asking $12,000 OBO. Please let me know if you have any more questions. Again, I'll post more pictures soon. Thanks for looking.





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