Centering the rear heater on an FJ60

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Jul 12, 2003
I have replacement seats (lexus something, leather, very comfortable) in my 60. To put them at the right height, means there's not enough room under the PS seat for the heater. For winter use, I really like the rear I'm considering my options.

Easiest is to mount the PS seat up higher (about 2"). While this works, the seat is too high, and I'd rather work a little harder and end up with a better result.

So the other option is that I could move the heater to the center, like on 62's.

Question for the collective wisdom on here...has anybody done this to their 60? (Yes, I searched, most rear heater threads are about removing them.) If you've done it, what were your biggest issues?

I've spent a bit of time puzzling out how to do this, and I think I can fab a bracket that will hold my Tuffy and allow room for the heater underneath.

It looks like I can simply get longer rubber hoses to connect to the heater (obviously I'll need to drill two new holes in the floor.)

Extending the pigtail off of the heater is a no-brainer.

Or, maybe I should track down a 62 rear heater? Not sure what they look like though.

Thoughts/comments appreciated!
I you need to have those certain seats and no way to fab up a bracket that does not get in the way of the seat working...I think I would slimply remove the rear heater core and be done with it.
gee, too bad there isn't a 62 readily available for you to look at ;)

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