Centerforce clutch

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Nov 29, 2003
After driving my FJ40 around for about an hour or so, when I come to a stop step on the clutch pedal I have a hard time getting in 1st or 2nd. When it is cold no problems. The clutch is not old or abused ( yet) ::)
What could be my problem? What should I be looking at?
Sounds like it's out of adjustment. The Centerforce clutch is usually like a toggle switch. Make sure you have the pedal, master, and slave set-up properly.
out of adjustment, and check the fluid/lines for the master/slave to ensure it's not too close to a manifold....
I have a similar problem with a dual-friction on my FJ-60. The problem started up after having the a resurfaced flywheel installed during a transmission swap. The clutch had less than 10K miles on it then. My clucth seems to drag both when hot or cold. I've checked adjustment, replaced master and slave, but it still happens. I've even used a stick to hold the clutch pedal down for several minutes and measured the gap between the clutch and the fly wheel. It doesn't appear to be bad hydraulics. I just think the friction disk sticks to one side or the other...Any other ideas would be appreciated.

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