Center lock stuck noobie question

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May 22, 2016
Guys, I have read many, many, MANY threads about center locks. The answer to my question seems to be common knowledge often referred to, but I can't find what IT is!

My question: my center lock seems to be stuck locked; how do I get it unlocked?

The situation: I put my '93 fjz80 (no lockers - no ABS) in Low range to see how that worked. The diff lock light came on ("how clever!" I thought) then when I put it back in H the light remained on. Uh oh! I haven't been able to get it to turn off since. I am certain the lock is engaged - it makes a terrible strain when trying to turn. I also observed with all four wheels off of the ground that turning one wheel turns all four.

The truck is new to me - about two months. I had used the center lock switch before a couple of times in H. The last time it seemed reluctant to come out of lock - not until I backed up the truck. But I gather this is normal.

To summarize: my center lock seems stuck in the locked position and the dash light properly indicates that it is engaged. I do not hear any clicking or whirring.

Currently, I just want to get it disengaged so I can drive it. I'm planning to take out the front drive shaft if nothing else. I can fix it by running through the tech manual troubleshooting next week.

Try disconnecting the connector for the 4L position sensor switch on the rear of the transfer case at the 1 o'clock position.
How long did you drive it? Try turning some back in forth while you drive it may have not been used much and you need to cycle it just like you would diff locks, try that see if it helps also helps to be on dirt or gravel
I would shift between low and high several times to exercise the actuator. Than I would hop up onto a curb going forward and then back off that curb in reverse. Doing this while the wheels are turned can help as well. I had to do the above a few times to get my 93 to unlock when I first bought the truck.
Thanks guys. I will try it. We had a trip to the beach planned, so I just pulled the front driveshaft. I'll get it back on and see if it works.
If your gonna drive without the front shaft and no cdl button better hope it doesn't unlock at speed have your seat belts on
First, check to see if it is actually locked. Put the transfer case in neutral, jack up one wheel and see if it spins. If it can't it is locked.

If it spins, it is unlocked and the indicator switch may be stuck.
It was a bad center lock button. Apparently the transfer case lever will lock the center lock, but unlocking it is routed through the button.
It was a bad center lock button. Apparently the transfer case lever will lock the center lock, but unlocking it is routed through the button.

So did you replace the button and then the new button would unlock it?

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