Center High Brake Lamp '97 40th

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Nov 17, 2013
The state of Texas requires an annual vehicle inspection, no problem it's only like $7 and registration on all passenger vehicles is only $75. My center brake light (high lamp) was out last year and they let me slide. I can't for the life of my find any replacements online (accept 1998 and newer) and those are $270! (sucks for them!)
Anyone ever try to replace this light? Maybe I can talk my way out of it again but I would like to replace it if possible. Even the aftermarket LED companies seem to only have options for '98 and newer....thanks in advance!

and do more searching etc. Repair will be a LOT cheaper...

There have been several threads over the years where folks have rebuilt the third brake light with off-the-shelf LED strips.

I don’t know the links offhand, but a search should turn them up.

edit - George beat me to it 👍
Thanks guys! As we all know doing on search on these (not just this one) forums can be difficult unless you figure out the right words. I tried searching here but probably need to change my verbage. So it's not just me, these lamps are not available and/or can be repaired.
I try to use only Toyota parts (mostly from toyotapartsdirect) and they list it as discontinued. (I also have a '96T100 and 2013 Prius) Rock Auto has nothing either.
The funny thing is, I didn't even know there was a 3rd brake light until it ws inspected last year! They didn't have a light to sell me/replace it so they told me to get it fixed ASAP.
Search for Zener Diode fix. That’s probably the culprit. You will pay a boat load for more than one, spread the wealth and offer up some of them for sale.
"Third Brake Light"


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