Center Console Trim Removal? running wires

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May 6, 2003
CA, Bay Area
Any body have instructions/pics on how to remove the trim from the top of the center console on a late model (2007) 100. The piece around the gear and 4low shift levers. I just installed a USA Spec PA15-Toy Ipod integration unit and would like to run the cable from the dash to the center console. I believe it is held in by clips but I hate to pry on anything without confirmation.

By the way, I was putting off doing this install since all of the available products seemed less than ideal. But I have to say that so far, this thing is Fantastic.

It is easy to install, easy to use and is all hidden away with no visible mods. I dont have satellite radio yet, but all else works great - DVD Changer, AM/FM, Casestt and Ipod all Nav functions. Interface is simple and easy to use. I pretty much just use the steering wheel controls for everything, unless I want to look at names, titles and track times, then I use the NAV controls. It feels like its OE. It even works with my iphone... although its not supposed to (no Nav display with ipone and volume is about 25% lower). The PA20-Toy is suposed work with iphone and other touch screen ipods.

Anyway, dont mean to hijack my own thread but I highly recommend this one if your on the fence like I was.
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I also wonder about the way that stuff is put together. I am just about to start installing some goodies on my 100 and how that is all put together would be nice to know.

Before I start breaking stuff...
I believe the info you need is in the FAQ under "interior."
Where did you get yours? Looks like Crutchfield doesn't carry them..
Thanks hoser...

Just got done, seems it pulls right on out. 4 press in clips.
Where did you get yours? Looks like Crutchfield doesn't carry them..

I stopped by a local car stereo place (Monney Car Stereo in RWC CA) to see if there were any new ipod options for LC's that they new of. While the guy was looking up the info, I spotted it hanging on the wall behind the counter. Decided to give it a try since I figured I could return it if I didn't like it.

I like it...
Cool! I checked the USA Spec web site for dealers... I'm in the Denver area and they show the nearest one being in Cheyenne, WY.. wtf? I could get it in Cheyenne, but not Denver :confused:
I might go out on a limb and take the ebay route.
So... anyway... did you plug it into the XM port? Mine is a 2005, so it might be a little different than yours.
But when reading up on it, it is implied that I will have to unplug my dvd changer in order to use this. I even called Crutchfield (they have some in now) and they confirmed this. However, you say yours works fine with with your dvd changer. So my only guess could be that there's an unused SAT port back there that you used?
On the 2007, the unit plugs into the back of the stereo and your dvd harness plugs into the USA spec harness. DVD player is still hooked up and the Ipod is recognised as a "CD" Changer. When I scroll trough audio "modes" using the steering wheel controls I get FM,FM2, AM, DVD,CD,Tape. I dont have Sat Radio, but do have AM/Sat Radio button on the stereo which I assume will still work, I believe it just splits the AM port.
Thanks for the info again. The way you describe it, it sounds like we have pretty much the same setup.

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