Center Console Lid Cover - Upgrade

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May 9, 2011
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Found this cover on Etsy:

It was super easy to do. I decided on the faux leather. The steps are:
  • Remove console lid (2 Philips screws)
  • Remove 8 small screws on the bottom side.
  • Remove the 2 screws attaching the lid lock.
  • Remove existing cover by gently pealing it back.
The tricky part of this is getting the new cover to line-up correctly. I had to do some minor trim on the one I got. I used the old cover as a template.

Once I felt good about the cover positioning I used a repositioning spray mount. This allowed me to get the cover just right. After it was positioned I used some Super 77 on the edges. Folded those over, inserted the back plate and installed the screws.

My old cover.

Up close picture of my old cover. It was pretty tired.

A side-by-side of my old cover and new one.

The new cover installed.

The stitching is pretty nice.

Bottom side showing the 8 small screws you need to remove. You also need to remove the 2 screws holding the lid lock in place.

The new cover.

In the truck.

The spray mounts I used.
Fyi these are on sale till Sunday night for $25
OP, how durable does the material seem?
@60 toy ota The material seems strong. I got mine on sale and am very pleased with it. Again, mine is faux leather. They offer it in a carbon fiber vinyl too. I can't speak to that.
that looks like the BOMB !

i am trying to get familiar with the MOD / upgrade of adding the 80 Series Top Portion of a padded center console to my FJ62 stock console ,

you replace the cheezy plastic lid and bolt on a upper section of the 80 series

the TECH here on MUD is scarce , but if anyone knows more on this or can post me some links related , i would be greatful

Did this improve the padding at all? Mine looks a tiny bit better than your old one but its about as soft as a piece of leather on a hard piece of plastic.
@arndog My padding was in decent condition. On the Etsy site one reviewer stated they needed to by some new padding from a local upholstery shop. I am sure you could find some padding online.
Interesting to know if this could work for the pre-95 console lids. I have had both types of tops but never side by side so not sure what is different between the padded (95+) and the non-padded.

If anyone has done one please post.

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