Center arm pivot swap, 74 into 66 (?)

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Feb 3, 2003
Have a 66 chassis. The center arm pivot is "wollered" out and I want to swap in a pivot from a 74 I parted out. It's not going to be "plug and play", but I can't seem to recall how the 74 "box in" looked on the frame rail.
Would apprecitate directions or a photo. Email if needed.
I believe the 74 center arm assembly will bolt up to the 66 frame if you drill new mounting holes in the 66 frame. What do you mean by the "box in" on the frame are you reffering to the boxed section of the front frame rail that one side the center arm bolts up to? The center arm side frame rail is boxed with a couple hole cut in it for access to tow hook bolts. Hope taht helps a little. :G
Would kind of like a set of directions, pics or something to set me in the right direction. I have it C clamped in place just to stare at it for a while. Thanks
As far as pics/directions try the toyota factory manual(some easy directiond and pics) and the Haynes manual, also the Specter Off-road catalog has tons of good pics. Try to get someone with a newer FJ40 that you could look at and get measurements from. :dunno:

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