Centech wiring harness

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Nov 16, 2002
Guys, I am looking for a Centech wiring harness for an FJ40 resto project. I've seen the For Sale ad for the Painless harness, but I want a Centech for the greater ease of installation. Who sells Centech harnesses in the US and where can I get the best deal? This is for a 1973 FJ40.

Thanks in advance for all replies,

did a search on altavista and found http://www.centechwire.com but i didnt see a listing for the fj-40 let me know what you find im in need of a good harness and not shure about painless (heard its not painless)
Dave, I bought mine from Centech directly, fair price, great product. I believe I bought the GV-18 or something like that. More than I needed, but planning for the future. Of course this is all moot as it was for my long since departed 40.

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