Centech wiring harnes - who can answer a ?

Discussion in '40- & 55-Series Tech' started by fjoakley, Jul 3, 2005.

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    Jan 21, 2005
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    I am wiring a gv10 kit I got two years ago. I have a question as I set up the front turn signals. The directions do not make sense according to the wiring involved.

    The directions are pretty straight forward - out of the turn signal plug - Locate the dark blue PASS T SIGNAL wire. Connect it to the right front turn signal lamp filament. Connect the dark blue RT IND wire to the right turn indicator lamp on the dash. (see gauge wiring kit). And then on the wiring diagram it also shows the park side lamp going into turn signal which makes sense for the lower intensity filament.

    Here is my question - in the turn signal kit that I am installing has the wire set up that I am not sure how to proceed. Out of the turn signal plug both the dark blue PASS T SIGNAL wire and the RT IND wire come out together but instead of being open they are connected in a loop. There is a plug that they are both soldered to. the PASS T SIGNAL wire is long but looped back to this plug that looks like it goes to the indicator light. How do I hook this up? IT looks to me that the PASS T SIGNAL wire goes out to the turn signal and gets cut to hook up but do I hook up both sides of the loop? This would make it loop back to the indicator light. Is this correct? So the loop goes out of the turn signal plug the metal plug goes to the indicator light and continues to the turn signal as well as the wire going right out of the turn signal plug to the turn signal as well. Is this correct?

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