CEL P0325 after HG repair- IH8MUD to the rescue (1 Viewer)

Jan 29, 2010
Seattle, WA
Truck ran fine with no CEL's for about 800 miles after HG repair, then got a P0325, front knock sensor. Looked with a flashlight and a mirror and sure enough the wire had pulled out of the connector going into the sensor. I thought, holy crap, I can barely see it much less fix it. But after checking the forum found that it could be done without taking off the intake manifold.


By disconnecting the oil dipstick, freeing up the power steering reservoir, and removing a ground wire that's right there you can not only see it but actually get a hand in there. Part # 82219-35010 is a 4Runner connector that will fit into our knock sensor. Cost 13 bucks. It has a single wire coming out of that can be spliced to the wire coming out of the wire harness. I used a weatherproof "quick splice" and checked the continuity with a tester.

The original connector has a locking tab which faces down. You can grab the connector with some needle-nose pliers and it pulls right out. Now simply push in the new connector until you hear a very gratifying "click" sound and you're done.

That wire harness is very fragile at this age. A lot of the connectors had broken tabs and the insulation was brittle, dry and rubbed off in places. I actually priced a complete wire harness from the local dealer, thinking it might be a reasonable insurance policy. About $7000 !!! So guess I'll just keep fixing things as they pop up.
Jun 12, 2004
A new harness is about $450 from cdan... i broke about 9 connectors getting my head and intake off... made the dreaded call to find out how much and it made my day...

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