CDL Victory..Thank you

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Sep 5, 2006
Superior, CO
My CDL and ABS light were not lighting when shifting into 4L so I went ahead an purchased the switch for the 7-Pin mod.

Still would not work. After much research here on mud I was able to find two issues.

1. The actuator motor was stuck. It cycled a few times with 9V Batt, but still would not work with the new switch.

I thought it must be the relay, but it checked out. While I was hooking the relay back up, I noticed that the pin 3 wire on the plug was broke. I did some old school Navy rigging and put everthing back.

Thank neptune I was not dealing with a wire from the relay to the actuator motor!

Everything works wonderfully now! I have to say that the Factory Service Manual and Wiring Book were very valuable during this process. They arrived last week and were needed to help me identify plugs and pins.

Thank you everyone for your posts, I am sure I would still be frustraged without the 9V clean idea.

The post by retrofive was awesome.

Thanks again

:clap: Glad you got it all sorted out :D

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