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Mar 27, 2003

Hey Cdan, see if you can locate this one. PS Side axle indexing ring that goes inside the axle housing. I guess the last time I broke the birfield, it came loose and I found it inside the diff :) The short side is ok to loose, but when you loose the long side one, it is a pain to get the axle back in.
I dare say the part No will be the same as the whole axle housing :D

As its tack welded in, mine came loose when the housing was flexing, we welded it back in, when we gusseted the housing.
The shed is correct. :'(

It is indeed a part of the axle housing. Did you have a bent one stashed in the corner?

can easily cut one, better designed, and add it to the housing, and with some small folds, once in position plug weld it, so welding is OUTSIDE the housing, the small drill swarf is easy to get.

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