CCOT patch ???

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Oct 31, 2002
Kennett Square
Did I miss something ? For many years I've eyeballed those CCOT rear quarter/fender arch patch panels knowing that someday they would inevitably be in my future. The wagon is getting bubbly back there at long last my future is finally upon me. So...I go to the CCOT website and ....and....WTF...I don't see the patch panels there anymore...again WTF ??? Are they not making them anymore ? Is there anyone out thre that is ? Any info would be great as I don't want to build from scratch if I don't have to.
Thanks effjay, IIRC those are double what CCOT was asking for theirs (plus the go up higher in quarter panel) but it still beats the hell out of fab'ing them up for myself. Anyone else know of any other sources ? I've got an email to CCOT asking the WTF question. Thanks again :cheers: would probably cut out a used panel for you. Might be a bit cheaper than some of these other options.
Getting harder and harder to find rear quarters that don't have rust.

From what i remember CCOT charge that much at least and it didnt have the dog leg part. Will bookmark that page

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