ccot engine belts

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Feb 6, 2012
are these the right belts? it sems as though teh belt running to the alternator is too large and teh other belt is too small, as far as how wide the belt is not in length. is it ok if the alternator belt is a little too big to fully fit down into the wheel on the alternator, seems like it may be pushed in and just fit very tight if there were enough tension. also, how do you tighten the alternator belt? the one on the right is done by moving teh air pump, so im hoping there is a similar way to tighten the one on the left(alternator)
Looks like you have the belts switched. In the 3rd picture, you can see the crank pulley. Wider slot is towards the rear, narrow towards the front. Loosen bolt at bottom of alternator, and then loosen the one on the slide arm at the top. Adjust as needed. John
Your much better off measuring the length you need with a string and going to the parts store and picking them up.
turns out they were the wrong size from ccot, apparently i have a weird engine or something, its a 74 sooo. ill use the string idea and just head down to the local parts store, thanks guys
If I remember correctly napa carries them over the counter or can get them same day

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