CC Meeting - June 10, 2010

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I believe we are having a BBQ, so come early (not sure what early is, maybe 6:30PM)
I'm expecting to try to start serving food by about 6:00 or 6:30 or so. Rob S is bringing a portable BBQ as well and I don't know what time he can get there.
I'm bringing my home BBQ. I'll try and be there for 5:30, Bill. I'll have a cooler with ice and some pop.

Let me know if you want me to bring anything else.
I don't bring kids, usually I'm leaving straight from work to the meetings. It'll be same next week.
Jeff ususally brings his young daughters, but they do get bored and sometimes dirty clothes from the greasy shop.

... but they might get to learn some cool new words that their mom will appreciate. :rolleyes: I'd say kids are welcome but "bring at your own risk" . :hillbilly:
Not to mention my friends that pass cigarettes around to each other, how weird is that? :smokin:
my kids wont be coming, but i will. thurs are race nights for them, hence my absence at the last couple meets. but i will be at this meeting. is it a pot luck thing? or will the eats be provided? i can bring some tables etc. if needed...
I will bring smokies, buns, hamberger patties, relish, etc.
John usually brings a Mexican type dish or salad.
Rob S will bring soft drinks.
That's about it. Usually we have a large turnout.
Bring your own beer but I'll have room in the cooler if you want to keep 'em cold :beer:
Can someone provide a meeting update on the Mackenzie trip from the Members board info.

Is anyone bringing their kids? My 6 year old really wants to come with me but she'll be bored(and driving me if there's no other kids around to play with.

See you guys at the BBQ....

are you still bringing her HZC? racings cancelled tonight so i might bring a kid or two if there will be other lil ones..
wont make it tonight but not to worry, got my first aid kit and such for cruiser days
The write-up of the June 10 CC meeting is now posted on the Member Forum.
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