CC Bushings in reverse?

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Oct 24, 2003
I have some J's in my garage that I'm dying to put on but haven't been able to decide what to do for caster correction. Right now I have 2.5 OME/1" Mr G. and never got around to installing the CC bushings. I was considering ordering some of Christo's control arms but they are of course for 5-6 inch lift.

Does anyone see any problem ordering Christo's arms anyway and then using the OME CC bushings in reverse of their usual application - to in effect make for less correction?
I'd ask Christo, he might be using those arms for 4" lifts. There's a range for caster, I don't recall what it is.

why not install the J's then take the measurements for your bushings and install them and see what happens?

i installed the 850 HD's with a 1" (closer to 3/4") mr gasket spacer then took my measurements for the bushings and had them installed, truck drives awesome!

my .02
the CC bushings will adjust caster up to 4*

Christo's arms correct for 10* of caster.

You can calculate your caster needs by multiplying the lift increase in inches by 1.74.

The issue with using the CC bushings with the arms to add more catser is that the PS of the axle is in the shape of a box and rotating for move caster creates a conflict with the axle and the arm. Not sure about going the other way.

The concern you need to focus on is not so much how exact your caster is but how accurate the drive angles are for a particular drive shaft.

Best bets are the CC bushings and the arms with a stock shaft. Going in between requires a DC shaft and is more finicky about the angles.
landtank said:
the CC bushings will adjust caster up to 4*

Christo's arms correct for 10* of caster.

You can calculate your caster needs by multiplying the lift increase in inches by 1.74.


Rick -
Can you explain where the 1.74 comes from?
yes, it's based on a trig equation for finding the angle of the right triangle the arm creates. It's not 100% accurate but well close enough.

The arm is the hypotenuse and the lift is the opposite side. I explained it on another thread and Christo called me with those correction values I posted for the bushings and his arms.

the actual equation is as follows:

(INV)SIN of (lift in inches)/33
landtank said:
the CC bushings will adjust caster up to 4*

Christo's arms correct for 10* of caster.

Actually the arms correct for about 5 or 6*.
Instead of dishing out alot of money for slee arms, why not just use his caster plates.

They are intended for his 4 inch lift, wouldnt they do just fine with a 3-3.5(J's).
especially if you redrill new holes, and move the spacer sections tacked on, to suit the amount of castor you want.

I think you will find 3* bushes will work, but for the cost castor plates will too, as longa s the front shaft is good, otherwise you may need to space the gearbox x member down a bit.

Have you thought of running the J's + the Mr. Gasket spacers and christo's arms.

That would be a very similar setup that TYLER has, and he has gotten great result even with the stock front shaft.
I always thought the caster plates were for 4" of lift. Used to think this was about 4 degrees based on earlier info but maybe not. Anyway, should be OK to plan on those for 4" worth of lift either way. Then again, since it seems like there is a wide variation of caster at OEM height anyway, should measure it first. And it seems that there is a relatively wide range of caster that gives acceptable ride so we can get away with stuff.
based on my experience and what others have reported I'd guesstimate that the Slee plates offer about 5* of correction.

I can't stress this enough, most people will easily tolerate incorrect caster but will complain all day about a truck with drive line vibrations.

Concentrate on the drive line angles and what ever caster you get be happy your balls are shaking like a maraca.
I put on J's and did the OME bushings. After I got my 33's on I had it aligned. They put it on the rack and ran the numbers, they told me everything was within spec, and I specifically asked about the caster. Unfortunately I didn't get any of the numbers to verify what they considered what was in spec, but they didn't charge me to check it so I didn't complain.

Now I can tell you that it drives/tracks way better with the OME CC bushings then without them after lifting it. But it doesn't track as good as before I lifted it. I was thinking about going back to stock bushings and the Slee plates to get it better, but right now I don't have any driveline vibrations or contact problems.

So from reading this thread it appears that I should leave it as is and be happy I didn't have to address driveline problems.

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