CBI Bumper - Tilt Repair

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Mar 27, 2007
New Braunfels!

In the original photo after the initial install of the CBI Bumper you can see that the bumper is slightly tilting towards the rear.
Over the year of ownership, that tilt increased more since it has been hit by rocks and my friend's front bumper......to the point that the side rail main square tube was touching the cut rear fender.

I have been putting it off to have it fixed...well this past Friday, April 24, I headed over to JFAB's fabrication shop in San Marcos to do some grinding and welding.

First we removed the bottom mount plate. We felt that it was preventing the bumper from leveling correctly with the bolt holes in the frame.


We then, with the use of JFAB's forklift, lifted the bumper, ever so slightly and then untightened everything.
We then shimmed and measured the distance from the top of the frame to the top of the side guard's square tubing...measured in two different locations so we knew the CBI Bumper was level with the truck's frame.

After a few tack welds, JFAB, welded up the front edge of the Side Guard's plates.

He then welded the inside rear edge of the frame to the inside of the Side Guard's plate.

Finally, he welded back on the bottom plate that we had previously removed.


After painting, bolting eveything back into place...the bumper looks way better. You can now see that the bottom edge of the cut fender is fairly parallel to the bumper's Side Guard.


Big thanks to Jayce (JFAB) of San Marcos , Texas for helping me do this needed repair.

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