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Jul 20, 2003
A word to the wise. In my quest to sell my Lotus I have been subject to two (and maybe more through phishing) scams. One guy wanted me to send his "credit union" my original, signed title and then they would "process" his loan. I'm not that stupid - once you sign off on the title you don't own the car anymore, payment notwithstanding. Then today I get an email from someone else offering asking price without even seeing the car because "he was at sea" and required to make payment through Paypal because of a bunch reasons, none of which made sense. An "agent" would then pick up the car once the Paypal funds were provided. Five minutes on the internet revealed that this is a common scam, down to the "I'm at sea" part. Apparently the Paypal funds can be reverversed if the credit card has a reversal clause. Point is, don't trust anyone when selling a vehicle. Get the funds in order first. People suck.
Yeah, had and "oceanographer" trying to buy my sportbike for her dad. Stupid scammers. (btw, your "dad" would hate my bike!)

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