Caryville Ride

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Jul 3, 2007
One thing we talked about last meeting was doing a day ride up at Caryville this spring. This would also be a good chance to see if you have everything sorted out on your truck prior to GSMTR. I'll propose 3-28 and 4-11 as a couple of possible Saturdays. Anyone interested in doing this?
Can't do 3.28 but OK for 4.11.
I would be better for 4/11 as well. 3/28 would be the same date as another club ride.
By Caryville do you mean Royal Blue or elsewhere?
That guy posts some sick videos!!! Wait, what??

At this point I'm free for either. I call shotgun Rance, and I'll bring the cameras.
Thanks, Rance.

I'd love to go, but will probably pass. Looks a little bit too technical for how my 60 is currently set up.
There is a way up the other side that is not so technical. It is gravel and dirt road 90% of the way up. Then there is a small section of rock to get onto the sand. It wasn't difficult at all a few years ago. I've made that trek solo a few times. Not sure how it is today though. Could be worth a try for those that can't make the gnarly stuff. Once you're on the sand, it's just a playground. Do what you want.
Rance, let us know if you can do the 11th. If it helps, I'm open on the 12th also. I definitely want to accommodate Vic since that was what sparked the discussion.. giving his 40 a shakedown run prior to GSMTR. Joe, Nik?
Count me in for the 11th.

07 FJ Cruiser. Appalachia Cruisers. TLCA #22753.
I can do the 11th. Daughter will be at a 2 day cheering event so I will probably be bringing my little cruiserhead along...
Sounds like we are good for the 11th then. We'll pick a rendezvous time and location when we get closer.

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