Carpet Kit for FJ60-62

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hmmm...that's not too far away, I'm going to email them and see if they have something in stock that I can take a look at...
5x whats up with this
does passenger only mean front and back seats? that's one helluva price. i'd be interested if the quality is adequate.

Yes, This is the kit I went with. I was thinking about putting it in myself but quickly realized how this is a job left to the professionals. When I first got it I didn't like the fit laying it out but the carpet shop that installed it did a great job and used the the thicker padding. You are welcome to come check it out and I can give you the name of the shop. I didn't think the quality of the carpet was that great.
I got mine from Spector too. I'd call the quality OK, but the installation is a major PITB. I'd pay to have it done.
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the SOR kit looks to be just the mats. i thought we were talking about a carpet kit, not carpet floor mats.
nevermind. i looked again and SOR has a carpet kit listed as well but says "no longer available".
any pics in your truck ... how did it fit





It is full kit and I had a local carpet and upholstery shop install it. The kit is still available but only in the lighter color if you want EVERYTHING. I would dye it if I could find no other and go for it...dark grey dye will cover tan easily.
Recently got the base kit from oc auto carpets ( Not their extra plush kit.

Am SUPER pleased with how it all turned out. Was molded in key areas, had pre-attached padding in key areas, required little trimming (majority of cuts were around my custom lever setup...FJ62 with h55f+twin stick case+blackbox doubler...and seat/belt posts). Am gonna create a separate piece to cover the trans hump area and cover the exposed cuts.

Am even more pleased with the cost! Out the door was like $290 total :)

Clear vinyl mats came from a different company (american floor and I'm quite happy with the cargo area and rear ones. Perfect fit. The front ones could be larger and fit better.






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