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Jun 4, 2003
Anchorage AK
Hey all!

Anyone have any ideas? All I can find is the "Tray" style huskyliner type products for the 80's, but this then leaves a big empty space when you fold the back seats forward. I'm more interested in a rubber/cordura type mat that could go up the back of the backseat, and then fold out to cover the whole floor when the backseats are folded forward.

(Yomama's going to freak with the similarity of nyms... maybe we'll just call you Jo?)

Welcome to the 80's section. I use the Husky and love it. You're correct in that it doesn't cover the backs of the front seats, the sides, or the tailgate carpet.

I have seen another liner that covers the entire cargo area but cannot remember the name. Installation was more complex, it was expensive, but the coverage was more complete if that is important to you. &nbsp:Do a Google search because I don't think we have discussed this on this forum.

(That wasn't much help now was it? ? ?)
If that is your real name ::)
I think your pretty much SOL...
The beast does exist just not for the 80.

FWIW though I have had the Husky's for 2 years and there still going strong. By far some if the best money I have spent thus far. And IMHO unless you’re a necrophiliac and plan on doing a lot of transporting they are more then ample....
Well thanks for the input so far, seems you'all are finding the same as me (big fat zero). I agree the husky liners are really good. My situ is that I typically have the seats split (1up/1down), in the winter I'm throwing snow covered wet ski's, poles, in the back of the truck, in the summer I'm putting wet rafting gear, oar shafts etc in the back. Just wanted to try and limit that extra patch of carpet from getting wet/rot etc...... May have to do the husky if I can't find anything else.
I think the issue is with the 3rd row style seat in the cruiser, as they seem to have the style I want for every other vehicle make :tear: .......


P.S. no, not my given name, but close enough ;)
I bought a roll of nice "outdoor" carpet from Costco for $15, and spent a hour or so custom cutting it to fit the entire cargo area with the back seats up. I cut slits in it for the 3rd row seat latches, cargo hooks, and second row seat latches. It doesn't cover the sides or the back of the 2nd row seat when down (it goes under the seat), but it is fairly thick and protects the carpet from the wet dog with muddy feet, etc. You could also do the same thing with a big rubber mat. Anyways, the carpet looks good and works for me!
Good idea, I may have to look for a big rubber mat to hack up.

Try this:

They may have a US source for the same thing. They have a version for the 80 series. Maybe Jim_Phillips can translate their prices to something we can understand.
Quarter inch 6061 aluminum :G

Works buff :beer:
Thanks again, thats kinda what I was thinking Beowulf. But when you go to select the hatchbag for your particular model, it lists a "LANDCRUISER - 1997-Now, AMAZON" (wtf is the AMAZON beyond the river in S.America) and a "LANDCRUISER 1995-1997". &nbsp:Did the Brits not have the pre-1995 80 series??? I'm guessing that it'd still fit a 1993, but I'm not at all familiar with the subtle differeneces between those years. Works out to about $100 U.S. for the basic bag.

I also just found this for those interested, its inexpensive and basic, so I might try this...

and theres a Aussie product that looks good, but I bet its some $$$$$$$$$

Cheers all
Jomama - like I said on the 80's list, just buy some rubber and cut it.

Based on your username - yomama probably got some extra used rubber at her shack. :flipoff2: :slap: :D

A few thoughts - One, buy a Thule (or whatever) cargo box for skis, poles, etc. Expensive to be sure, but great to have. I bought one last year and use it all the time (for skis, paddles, kids toys) as the rear is typically packed (dog, gear and two cribs lately :D). Once I installed a cargo barrier (do this, see my rants in other posts - How would you liked to be beat about the head by a few pairs of skis and boots? :'(), you will need something on the roof to carry the long stuff!

Second, go to Costco and buy the cheap 15 'outdoor blanket' or whatever it's called (probably what Fire has as well). Mine has a grey vinyl type material on one side and black fleece on the other (about 12' x 12') and I also use this all the time (lying under the truck admiring stuff, packing wet things in the back, hauling dirt, etc). I've had mine about one month and have used it about 10 times to date.

Third, I have seat covers (from SOR) for my second row seats that cover the back of the seat in a canvas-like fabric (for my twin boys). When I do have the seats down, these do a good job in protecting the leather.

Cheers, Hugh :beer:
The 1995-97 kits will fit all 80s sold in the US (91-97.) I promise.

If you're considering cloth covers for the 2nd and/or 3rd row seats then also check Great Covers in Colorado. They have a nice product and several of us have bought their covers. Much cheaper than the SOR covers.

I’m planning to do something very similar to what you’re talking about. I’ll be using a shower pan sheet of rubber.
I’m planning to do something very similar to what you’re talking about.   I’ll be using a shower pan sheet of rubber.

What would a shower pan sheet of rubber be?? and where do you get it??

Lots of good ideas guys thanks.   :bow:

MMMMmmmmmm removing carpet??  Thats been a long term idea, but I wanted to Rhino coat the inside when I went this route.....

Rocket box is good idea, but I've got a con-firr porthole rack for carring my raft in the summer, and prefer to just leave it on yearround, as I've nowhere to store the big honking thing.

I may try the uncustomized liner from the dogbed website just due to its low $$$$.

If I were you I would not entertain the idea of removing the carpet. Been there and done that and it was no fun. Even if you rhino lined it, it would still be loud and hot as fawk.

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