Carburator 1979 FJ40 - rebuild or purchase new/rebuild

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Jun 28, 2021
I am looking for a source to either purchase a new carburetor for my FJ40 (1979) - I want to replace it with orginal equipment if possible --- i do not need to up grade to a Weber Carberator as i just drive it around town --
ideas of who / where I can order a carburetor?
What carb is on it now? If its the original Aisan, you could rebuild it.

If de-smogged some guys have been happy with City Racer.
FWIW…..I had a desmogged 79 a few years back. The carb needed attention. Mark @65swb45 told me the 79 model was the worst carb ever put on a Landcruiser. Maybe he will weigh in here. I ended up buying a troll hole carb and was very happy but it’s not Aisan. I was not aware of the City racer at the time which is a great option if desmogged. If not one of the carb gurus on Mud can rebuild yours while improving it at the same time.
Mark made me a quasi carb between my 1980 and a later 2F carb from a 60 series, still working well
Both the 69 &79/80 carbs are less than ideal candidates for good performance on a Landcruiser. That said, I have had several customers in each category that have been happy with stock rebuilds. @SW20 comes to mind as one with your vintage.
If you don’t have to deal with emissions, I have a couple of world-market 61010 &61011 rebuilts on the shelf that are true replacement carbs, as opposed to the 61012, which is a different height.

You can leave a message at my shop to follow up. 😊
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Can anyone point me in the direction of a good carb rebuilder? I have a 1/1973 Aisan Carb that needs to get rebuilt.

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