Carburated FZJ-80

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Aug 17, 2005
Hi Everybody.....

So a friend of mine has bought an arabian spec 1997 fzj80 series cruiser with Carburated 1FZ engine........and double tank setup.

The truck is running well but we are having problems with engine or closely with this goddam carb......

As we found It`s an Aisin Carb (common found on 3F series engines) with auto choke system on it.

The engine runs well but has lack of power, and Idling problems due to choke opener and choke breaker system in the carb. Also we`ve found that engine temperature is much below normal, and vacuum hoses ale mixed up...... so that could be the fault........

I would like to buy An fsm for it (if anybody can supply me with new one I would be very glad)

The vacuum hose routing diagram under the hood gave us none information also the lack of tune-up info in haynes manual has made this vehicle difficult to operate....

Does anybody has any info about this system?


Best regards
Its a modern 60. Just like the 60s you have to have the vac lines going to the right spot, lack of vaccum will make the engine run horrible. Get a re-build kit for the carb, its not all that hard to re-build. Might not hurt to do a tune up if you are unaware the last time it was done.

Get the vacuum sorted out and see how things run at that point. You may be able to skip the carb rebuild (for now)

When I had my FJ60 I bought a second carb, rebuilt that, and swapped it for the original to spare me the downtime and allow me the time to ensure it was done right.
Hi all;

Infact that's my car we are talking about here.
Thats true i do have some problems with the car running on petrol.

Hard start on below 0 temperatures, sluggish throtle response and some other problems like inproper acceleration.

Although we are ready to work on those subjects, we will do nothing without an corect manual. Here in Poland You cant buy any...

So if You could help with an manual it will be cool!

Best regards Kuba and Nikos
PM VZLAFZJ80 - his truck is a VZLA spec 80 and I'm pretty sure it has a carb etc.
Dale Sr said:
PM VZLAFZJ80 - his truck is a VZLA spec 80 and I'm pretty sure it has a carb etc.

Hes dropped out of the light for a little while. I hope to see him resurface before GSTMR.
Anybody can help with the manual for double tank carburated FZJ 80?
The AISIN carb for a 1FZ engine is similar, *but not the same* as the carburator on the 3F. It's actually larger, with a bigger plenum. In Venezuela it's a common upgrade to install the 1FZ carb on the 3F.

For a manual, I would contact Gibraltar (do a Google search for "Land Cruiser" and "Gibraltar"), the carburated 1FZ was not only a Gulf-spec (Saudi) item, it should also be on the General-spec (world) manuals, and Gibraltar should be able to order one for you.
Over hear in UAE, a lot of friends have changed the card to efi system. You can do it over there too. Theres lots of USED EFI components over here. Some guys also go the other way round and convert EFI system to Carb because the Carb system is easier to fix while offroading. If the EFI system goes bust, its the end of the trip. :)

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