Carb Secondary ?

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Apr 27, 2011
I did the paper clip test and found that my secondary is moving. It was slid down the rod about 1/2". Is that about the right amount of movement?

I did the paper clip test because the old Harlot seems a bit sluggish. When I look down the secondary into the carb and actuate the throttle I don't see a stream of gas shot into the barrell.

Maybe I am expecting to much. I thought I would feel a small amount of moxy when th secondary kicked in.
If you operate the secondary throttle linkage by hand, you should see how far the diaphragm will pull in to fully open the secondary plate.

You won't see the secondary open with the truck sitting in your drive way. It requires a load to generate the vacuum to actually open the throttle plate when the truck is running.
Thanks. I did the paper clip trick on my drive to work. It did move down the rod. When the motor is off and I move it should I not see a stream of gas shoot into the secondary? I am thinking my jet is stopped up because the rod is moving about a 1/2" under load.
I understand the secondary requires venturi vacuum for the fuel to be pulled into the secondaries. I didn't state it very well. The primary should have a squirt from the accelerator pump.

With the motor running if I manually open the secondary should it not rev the motor up slightly?
Accelerator pump jet is clogged! I pulled the carbn and took the top off and now I have to figure out how to get a small wire or needle in the jet to clean it out.

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