carb secondary now works!

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May 25, 2016
My '77 40's stock aisen carb secondary wasn't working since acquiring the 40. After reading all the good info here, I did the paper clip test which verified that. So after pulling the secondary diaphragm assembly off the carb, and verifying a good diaphragm, I saw what appeared to be a small flat rubber gasket around the little vacuum hole. I replaced it with a small thin O-ring, and voila! It now pulls that clip down almost 1/2" :D FWIW
I am curious what the paper clip test is??
The paper clip "test" has been suggested by many carb experts on this forum, that's how I (a noobee) just found out. slide a smallish clip over the secondary diaphragm linkage pull "stem". put it right next to/under the diaphragm housing. Then go for a ride, WOT, up a hill in high gear preferably, then look to see if the clip moved (slid) down the shaft any. If not, it ain't working(opening the sec. butterflies).
Cool, going to check that out-probably working just fine but my 33's making it feel sluggish-ha ha

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