carb rebuilds on 85 2FE

Apr 1, 2005
Sonora Desert, AZ
Hello all,

I have scoured over the threads on this issue and it seems that Jim C and Mark are the way to go for a carb rebuild. My question is why is their work so much better than say a local carb shop? isn't a reputable local shop basically going to perform the same work and component replacements? how much will something like this run, ball park $'s?


Oct 19, 2006
Ft. Worthless, TEXAS!
a 2FE would be fuel injected;)

a stock carbed motor was the 2F;p


ok but to get to your question the carb rebuild isnt all that hard just pay close attention to what you took from where and read the diagram for where it all goes back at. I did my own in a day.

Jim C. i have been told can tune the carb for your specific aplication and would need very little (if any) adjustment once on your truck.
Now im sure a local reputable shop could do the same but may require more tuning by you once you get it back. Some of our supporting mud vender as you have listed do alot of these carbs and know just what they want and need to make these old tractor motors of ours run well. as far as cost i could not tell you as i have not outsourced any work on my truck.

Hope that may help your decision some.


Jan 30, 2003
All over Arizona
Howdy! I think the two key points to this issue are proficiency and customized setups. IF you can actually find a real, old fashioned carb shop, your lucky. If you do, they probably do less than one Landcruiser carb per year. They are not the same as a Rochester, FoMoCo, Carter, Holley, or anything else. Similar, but different. Local shops will do a textbook rebuild, which most Saturday mechanics can do at home. The Carb Gurus on MUD will do a much better job, and they can make adjustments/modifications to suit your location, driving style, aftermarket add-ons, tire size and gearing, etc. They have done hundreds of these carbs just for Landcruisers. I have been tinkering with carbs for over 40 years, and I have rebuilt a lot of them, but I certainly do not consider myself good at it. They are. John

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