Carb Rebuild on a 71 FJ40

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Apr 21, 2010
Cle Elum, Washington
Just pulled apart stock 71 FJ carb. It was missing the discharge weight and ball under the stopper rivet. See parts 22 and 24 in the figure. The Keystone rebuild kit has the ball but not the weight or stopper rivet. The stopper rivet is also kind of scarred and I would like to replace that also. Do any of the other kits (Napa or whatever) contain the discharge weight or stopper? Does anyone know of another source??

Thanks in advance
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I'm sure I've got those pieces in my carbparts box...
Funny as I was missing the stopper and discharge weight when I rebuilt mine. At the time I called SOR and they were able to pull what I needed from a carb on the shelf. If Pighead can't help you out, you might give them a ring or reach out to some of the other carb guys on this forum (e.g. Mark's Offroad, Trollhole, etc).

[STRIKE]If you are interested in parting with those parts, let me know. You will be compensated. SOR wants ~$8 for the weight. PM me if interested. We can set something up.[/STRIKE]

See below.
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Please ignore this thread. The weight and ball bearing were so varnished into the passage it felt as if it was a blind hole. Found it, and got it out. One useful tip: The weight is hollow, use an EZ-out to get it free. It worked for me.

Thanks all.

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