Carb question??

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May 3, 2012
Savannah, GA
When I go to start up my truck I give it a good ol 2-3 pumps of the pedal. Now the purpose of this is to squirt fuel in to give a rich condition. I've noticed lately that I have to choke it a lot. So I looked in while pumping and there is no fuel squirting out. Is this from a bad accelerator pump? Or do I have another issue. I'm thinking it could be inside my fuel bowl. Maybe my float is not adjusted rite or the accelerator pump isn't pumping. Maybe a clog somewhere, I don't know. Could use some insight from you guys.

And another thing..... It's CRAZY HOT OUT!! DON'T FORGET TO HYDRATE!!
Eliminate the float question by looking at the fuel site glass on the front of the float bowl. You should see the fuel level dead center on the glass if the float is set right, and the rig is parked level. John

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