Carb poll- In a perfect world, what would you do

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Apr 1, 2005
Sonora Desert, AZ
Choice A- Send my 85 FJ60 carb to Jim C or Mark for a rebuild
Choice B- Brand new Toyota genuine carb

Is there anything that Jim and Mark would do that would make it a better option?
I can get a brand new one for a very good price so i am trying to weigh my options.

Thank you,

Elkiny-.....aka Ramon
Are you going to desmog? If so, they both mod the carb during a rebuild to make it work better in desmog mode.
I've done two desmogs using Weber 38/38s and I would run that carb over anything else. They don't care about heat, cold, bumps, level ground or standing on the tailgate. They don't get a mind of their own and suddenly run crappy like a Holley will (ran one of those also, wanted to take a gun to it). Everybody has an opinion about what carb to run, but having tried several and considering myself to be much, much better than average at tuning, I'll take the Weber every time.

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