Carb linkage Bic fix???

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Aug 20, 2009
The linkage in the picture kept falling out and I had no gas to go. Well... Drilled two holes with a small drill bit, and with the help of a Bic pen, was able to at least drive. The spring tension holds the ball end in the joint because the clip is missing because the end is broken because the rubber groment has dried out because it sat unused for six years The fuzzy picture shows the broken piece and the clip that isn't there. This is just a quick fix but also a call out for a new used bracket and clip to replace this one. Thanks for any help that comes my way. This is a FJ 82 Stock carb....
toy'carb bracket 001.jpg
toy'carb bracket 002.jpg
toy'carb bracket 003.jpg
That pivot is not broken, it is just missing the clip; there is not a bushing for that socket.

If you want parts, you should start a thread in the wanted section.

Yes the clip is missing, but I will look at it again as far as it missing a piece on the right side of the fuzzy picture where the clip would be retained. It doesn't show real good, but it did look broken. I will get in the parts wanted section for this also.

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