carb likes to stick

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87 fj60 / 95 fjz80
Feb 10, 2011
CA for little while
how to fix this - seems like this one might be simple --

carb likes to stick until i tap the gas a little -- jim c carb rebuild -- any ideas - maybe lube somewhere -- with just a lite little tap of the pedal at a stop light it will drop to normal rpm range - likes to stick at 1000 rpms -- until i tap it
Have you tried greasing all pivot points on the throttle linkage?

Do you have a hand throttle? Mine has bound up before and would hold a funny idle because of it.
I've recently had the same issue crop up. I'm curious about the cause as well. I might pop the rods off and clean the balls up and see what happens. The linkage on the carb itself was all tested on the bench before installation. The good news that it runs like a new truck after I rebuilt the carb.
Check the pedal inside the cab too
I don't think the linkage is designed to be greased. You don't want the grease to attract dirt and then bind even worse. So be careful with that approach.

There should be a return spring on the linkage at the carb, and a pedal return spring in the cab. make sure both are there and hooked up correctly.
am i missing springs ??? if so what do they do

also should i degrease the linkage points ?

looks like 67 and maybe another one

could this bend cause the sticky throttle ?

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spring 74 is inside the cab and attached from the pedal to a bracket on the body.

Spring 67 is shown "backwards". It connects from the bracket 55 (your 2nd pic) to the linkage tab in your 1st pic. So, yes, you are missing at least one spring! This could be what is causing your throttle not to close all the way.
applying lubricant is never a fix for linkage

Lots of carb repairs, overhauls in my time. Carbs may need a little during initial assembly, but not to fix a sticking issue.

Take the cable off the cab, and move the butter fly lever with your hand. It should be smooth with more resistance due to increasing spring tension. Inspect the inside butterfly of the carb to check for objects obstructing the carb. IF the carb motion is smooth, then inspect the cable. push on the throttle with your hand and feel for smooth resistance. Then pull out on the cable.

How many km on your vehicle? does it stick cold or hot? When you say stick, does it stick all the time? or at given throttle positions?
168000 miles - sticks stopping doesnt want to return to normal sits around 1000 rpms -- if i just lightly tap the gas it will return to 650 - i thought i was missing a spring -- not sure what the spring does but will have to order one -- what does it do
Yes, you are missing the spring.

thank you so much for the pic -- that engine area looks brand new - no better

oh found the spring - was in the box with the old carb - much better return now / better pedal feel -- thanks again
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doing this sticking thing again -- started after a trip where i guess holding the pedal down in the same postion for awhile -- wonder if one of the springs are to strong enough to bring it back like it should

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