Carb leaking oil...?

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Mar 26, 2012
About 2 years ago I got my carb rebuilt by a professional. Tried myself and was not happy. The Fj40 ran great.

It’s 75 2F with stock carb. I live a bit north of Chicago. I have not ran my rig this year. I did turn it over 2 weeks back with a jump but then soon died. Left the battery connected all winter. Killed it.

We had a freezing cold winter with the polar vortex temps. I mention this Incase that could have ruined some seals in my engine.

To my question, I noticed what looks like oil or tar leaking out of my carb between the black spacer and the bottom of the carb. Could it be oil? It’s black goop looking but does not flow like oil would. I’ll get pictures up.

I just got a new battery so I’ll also see how it runs.
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My guess is gelled fuel. Does it smell like fuel?

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