Carb/idle ?

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Feb 26, 2003
Next to the Falls in OH
I am new to this board and have some idle problems with a 1980 FJ40 full of smogg stuff. The truck has been sitting while undergoing a mulityear restoration(another story). I have been turning the crank by hand every month or so to keep things oiled now it is time start the 2F. Stock carb, When I attempt to start it, it runs for about 30 seconds. then dies I have changed all fuel filters and most fuel lines(part of restoration) I have noticed that the bypass return fueline is like a fire hose. How much fuel should be in that line? Is there a simple fix in the carb that diverts fuel. The fuel pump seems to work b/c it is pushing a lot of fuel to the return line.
Any ideas? Thanks
Is there fuel in the carb's bowl?
Does the float "float"?

My '78 had sat in my parent's backyard for a couple of years, and it was doing something very similar. We could pour fuel into the carb & keep it running indefinitely, but as soon as you quit pouring fuel into the carb, it would die out. We had already swapped the fuel pump & filters.

Thanks to a tip for a former Derby Car runner, I poured a bottle of Heet into the carb, let it sit for about 5 minutes, and it has ran ever since. Apparently the Heet will eat up the varnish & whatever other gunk may be in the carb.
What is Heet and who sells it. I would think the carb is getting fuel b/c the return line is pushing a lot of fuel. &nbsp:Do you dump the heet inside the top of the carb how much do you use.
I think you have a nozzle plugged so when the choke opens the fuel mixture is leaning out to much. Try the method Lyle recomended and if that doesn't work then maybe take it apart and dunk it in a can of carb cleaner. If you want to get oil to the bearings etc. try cutting an old flathead screwdriver or buying the tool and priming the pump and oil system with a drill. You have to remove to distributor and stick the driver down into the slot on the pump shaft and use the drill to turn it.
Heet is actually a fuel additive used to help prevent fuel lines from freezing in the cold weather. Check out:

Now, in my case, fuel was not getting into the carb. This was confirmed when we routed the fuel line between the fuel pump & the carb into a plastic bottle & cranked the engine over. This pointed us in the direction of something blocking fuel going into the carb....stuck needle valve or float and/or plugged fuel-inlet screen.

That evening while drinking with some buddies, I was given the Heet trick as an alternative to tearing apart the carburetor. The other suggestion given was to thump the top of the carburetor with the handle of a screwdriver or soft-faced hammer, as someone was trying to start the rig up...this would help free a stuck float or needle valve. In the end, the combination of these two tips worked. It smoked like a banshee when it first fired up, as it was burning highly concentrated Heet, but that went away within a minute or two.

Good luck!!

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