Carb idle/running trouble

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May 23, 2010
Near Charlottesville, VA
Ok, my 87 fj60 has been sitting for 6-7 years. I replaced the fuel pump and cleaned/ rebuilt the carb and it started right up and ran pretty good considering it sat for that long. This occured on saturday, and today I went to drive it, and the idle is all over the place. At first it would not idle when not choked, then I took apart the carb and realized the secondary slow jets were clogged again. Cleaned them and ran motor again. Now it will idle with no choke, but it will idle at 1500 rpm, and then randomly just drop and stall out, or sometimes it will go up with out reason. When I hit the gas it doesnt seem very responsive and it is slow to return to idle. Any ideas? Anyone think my carb is gunked up again. I didnt drain the gas tank and ran the old gas in it on saturday. When I realized what was going on today I just ran the gas line into a fuel container with new 89 octane gas. Thanks for any help.
Mine did that twice in five years
Cause: stuck EGR
disconnect EGR, apply direct vac to open/close EGR a few times.
Make sure HAC correctly hosed as well.

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