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78 fj40 LE and 79 fj40 LE w/ stock ac
Dec 12, 2010
Springfield Mo
I did not hook up my carb cooling fan when I put in a new wiring harness is this going to screw me over in the 90 degrees summers? or is it just part of the emissions bs that is useless to reliablity? It has the stock carb which has been rebuilt and painless waterproof harness. the computer is not hooked up either because the :censor: i took it to threw away my harness so i took it back and wired it myself. niether is the seatbelt relay... i have the wiring diagram but my back still hurts from the laying on the floorboard. I hate taking my vehicles to be worked on!


Feb 28, 2004
Divide, Colorado
My opinion is that the carb fan can be a big help. My '76 FJ40 does not have one, and hot starts are harder because the fuel has begun to boil in the lines and/or the carb after sitting for a few minutes. I am sure that this is why it started to show up in the '77 models. You can survive without it, but I'd hook it up if I had one. My FJ60 has one and does not have hot start issue.

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