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Jul 1, 2006
Northeast Washington State
Sorry to bore you guys with another carb question. I have an F135 and at some point someone stuck a Carter YF 1 barrel on it. I had it rebuilt about 6 months ago and it's been just fine, but it's been starting harder and harder and I noticed that the accelerator pump isn't working. My mechanic buddy that rebuilt it took it apart and the only thing he can find is a little extra clearance where the "needle/tube"? of the accelerator pump sits in the housing and lets gas come up around it. So, the guy I get parts from all the time says he has two 1 barrel Aisins and a 2 barrel Aisin on a 2 to 1 adapter. I have my own 2 barrel Aisin off a '71 F. All of them would probably need rebuilding. What would you guys suggest? Is the 2 barrel going to be a little too much for the siamese port F135 (I know that sounds funny)? Would it run better with the 2 barrel? All of this is just a band aid until I put a 2F in it, but this old F just doesn't seem to want to die and I'm looking for the easiest way to just keep it running. Thank you for your help.

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If you are putting a 2F in it, I would just use the choke and pump it a little more to get it started and put up with it. Plan B would be going with the original 1 bbl Aisin as the resale might be better.

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