Car hauler spring question

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May 19, 2010
Replacing the springs on a used car hauler that I got. It seems to have 27" eye to eye springs. The weird thing is that the bolt that goes through the springs isn't in the's off to one side a few inches... Is that normal? Can I replace these with 25 1/4" standard size springs? They seem to fit fine, just wanted to make sure I wasn't breaking a trailer spring rule...

Thanks for the help.
Well, the only thing that would make the shorter springs fit the longer space is with new shackles long enough to make up the difference. And I'd think that's going to cause other problems with the geometry of your suspension.

Best to take it to a spring shop if you have a non-standard spring size that you can't replace out of someone's catalog. Suspensions are grueling to work on, especially if you don't have direct replacement parts or the tools to fab what you need in place of the original.
Well, the shorter (slightly) ones will fit the opening once the weight of the trailer bed rests on top of them. WOuld replacing all 4 be acceptable? I do intend taking them to a local trailer place (wish they were open past 5...) and see what they have to say about them.

I doubt that I'll buy another used trailer....

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