can't seem to prime 3b any ideas?

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Mar 30, 2011
Huntsville AL or Yuma AZ
My 3b-t powered fj40 has been experiencing some idling problems recently so I decided to dig into it today. The problem was that the throttle didn't seem to be returning fully after releasing the accelerator pedal. So I started with disconnecting the two accelerator rods and cleaning and lubricating the ball and socket connections. That didn't seem to help so I took them back off and operated the throttle plate and fuel arm on the injection pump. The fuel control arm turned out to be the culprit as it didn't want to return when released. So I proceeded to take the fuel control arm off the splined shaft and shot a little pb blaster on it and reassembled. That seemed to correct the problem 100%. I jump in the truck to head back to the house and it won't start. I checked the fuel solenoid for power and it's working properly. So I proceeded to take the arm back off to double check everything and notice it has a couple of tiny bubbles coming up around the shaft. I assume I introduced air into the system when the shaft dropped down an 1/8 of an inch or so into the pump. I spent the next two hours trying to bleed the system by cracking the lines at the injectors to no avail. I can only get a tiny bit of fluid out of spray only on a couple of the injectors while cranking and no start.

Anyone know if there is an oring on the shaft that I took loose that could have failed and is letting air into the system? Can I remove just the top portion of the injection pump with it still on the truck?
I had a corolla with a VE pump where it was leaking from the throttle shaft. Seems to be a common spot for the pump to leak. Resealed with the pump mounted on motor. But that's a corolla w/ 1C motor.
I also recall that that was the way I got it leaking actually pretty bad but it did run.
Maybe you bumped off a connection for a low oil shutoff switch?
Tried starting with the rod off while manually operating the throttle?
Good luck
I'm not familar with this pump.. but if you've taken the fuel control arm of the splined shaft.. has the shaft sprung back to a 'no fuel' position?

Removing the fuel control arm on a 2H pump (inline) would require the governor housing to be opened to aid in the reinstallation of the fuel control arm on the splined shaft..

ie.. has the fuel control arm gone back onto the shaft correctly?
Fixed. bone head moment guess I just need to walk away for the evening. I was turning the splined shaft with the corresponding arm.. what I thought was the max limit of rotation for the shaft was actually the arm hitting the max fuel stop. I had the shaft turned fully counterclockwise so obviously it wouldn't start. Even at full throttle with pedal it still wasn't feeding any fuel.

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