Can't get rotor off hub body???

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Dec 19, 2003
Marysville, PA
I am rebuilding a set of disk brake knuckles and I cannot get the rotor off the hub body. I have removed the two bolts that attach the rotor and also drove the wheel studs out. What else could be keeping the rotor on? Do I have to remove the bearing races to get the rotor off the hub body, or do I just need to give it a few more good wacks with the BFH??? THe parts are from a 1989 FJ62 and are going on a 1971 FJ40. Thanks.
I only had to tap mine to get them to separate. But if you have some solvent or kerosene you could let them soak. I always hate resorting to the BFH...not a lot of precision there.
That's kind of what I was thinking, they are fairly rusted. I'll hit them with some penatrent and see what happens. Thanks
I get that all the time. Just use a chisel between the rotor and the hub and give a good WAC with a hammer. it will come apart.
Got them off with a larger cold chisel and a few wacks of the hammer. Sometimes you have those brain fart moments. Thanks guys.

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