Cant Get 4wd off -another one!!

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Jun 23, 2006
Charlotte North Carolina
heres what i got
1-did a search and tried it all
2-on the solenoids do not get any vaccum from the top hose(E 1 according to diagram in FSM) but i can tell there is vaccum coming thru the bottom one(E 2 in FSM) . vaccum thru main line coming from Engine is good. Filter not restricting
3-switched every hose imagineable back and forth and cant get the 4wd to disengage now
4-hubs in "free" and driveshaft still wont spin freely
5-4wd light is on.
6-do not see any leaks
7-I have an FSM and Haynes manual handy, its not really providing help.
8-even tried to switch the hoses at the diaphragm
9-tried to disengage by going in reverse
10-Truck has air lockers in front(prob doesnt matter)

How can I get the front axles Disengaged? Do I need to get a new solenoid(read all about cheaper options). Thought about sourcing a used one thru for 125.

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