Can't find PN for hitch assembly bolts?

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May 22, 2016
I took the hitch off my 80 to spruce it up, in the meantime, the worst storm in north american history helped me lose the bolts that attach the assembly to the frame. My local dealer actually said "I can't find it. I don't think those came with a hitch." :rofl:

To be fair, I can't find a PN either (I've been looking here Genuine Parts for 1993 Toyota Land Cruiser|Base 4.5L L6 - Gas).

Can anyone help me find the PN for the bolts that mount the hitch assembly? I need that hitch for a surprise for my son in about 10 days.

Thanks and thanks again!

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Long-gone. Almost two decades ago.

Use good quality 12x1.25 bolts about 40mm long.
WILCO good info. Thanks!

Ummm.. one other question. I can't remember are there 6? 8?
I carried 1 into a Fastenal shop, and they measured it as “some kind of weird cut 19mm”...... so... yea, do as Cruiserdan said! Much easier!
There are 6 on my ‘93.
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That is an aftermarket hitch. The factory hitch is one piece welded together.

Three per side, platform-to-frame.

I was going to say mine was completely different. Mine was all 1 piece.
Bolt W Washer - Toyota (90119-12077)

Mine is mounted between the tow hook and the frame. Each tow hook has two bolts, there's a third on the rear crossmember.
Of the bolt, or my hitch? It's the port installed hitch everyone has. Except those guys that don't have it.
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