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Jul 19, 2010
NoVA's another leak inquiry. I was just underneath the truck (FZJ80 '95) and noticed this 'been-there-a-long-time' leak. it's right above the driveshaft. You'll have to excuse me for my lack of knowledge and the ability to take a good video from an iPhone. Any help is greatly appreciated. Video is here.

Clean it real good and look for leeks on that brake line.
Possibly grease slung up from the u-joints. Check for a grease line in that area as well.

Clean it up. Use a degreaser like brake cleaner or fantastik or simple green. Whatever you've got kicking around. Then rinse with a garden hose and look at it again when dry. No need to rinse if you use brake cleaner.
^^^ X2 on ujts or pinion seal- but you would have drops on ground as well were it gear oil..
It looks like your pinion seal has been leaking for a while.

Check your rear diff to see if the fluid is up or way low.
Clean the area real good and then top it off and see if it leaks at the pinion seal. My money says it will, that is if I was a betting man. LOL
Alright, guys. Been reading a lot about fixing pinion seal. Does look intimating :eek: We'll see. I'm handy, but I just don't have tools. I washed it down really well, will see if I can spot the leak from the pinion seal. What I do wonder though, the pinion seal is below the slung spot/area... how it did spell/go upward? Thank you, all.
Without a doubt, pinion leak. I have the same issue, have the new seal, and will do this in a few weeks. It sounds risky, and everyone will tell you its dangerous, but I think its all hype. Just do it, right.

I know a lot of people have fixed this leak, by dropping the DS, unstaking the pinion nut and removing, then replacing the seal and pinion nut in the same place, but I would like a progress report.

Anyone do this, like 100,000 miles ago
Trick is to put the same used pinion nut in exactly the same spot. Problem is, how will you stake it? I've seen techs use a mig welder to tack weld and secure the nut. But it makes life more interesting when it comes time to take it apart later...

IOW doing it that way is not recommended. Pulling the carrier out isn't a big deal. And if your rig has open diffs, now would be a convenient time to drop in a lockrite or Aussie locker
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