CANADIANS! Rebuild kit for Birfs

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Jun 7, 2003
Manitoba, Canada
Hi gang,

4 Wheel auto wants two hundred and change for the full kit, local dealership wants double that.

SOR has an attractive price (105 US) but I have yet to get a shipping quote.

Any other places north of the 49th?

If you mean knuckle rebuild kit. I just bought one from Big Country Customs and got a good price and good service. He just tossed it on the bus for me. He carries Marlin stuff so I added some of the new upgrade axle tube seals and a gusset kit as well as new rotors and calipers.

Check out EBI Cruiserparts too. They were out of stock when I ordered mine or I'd have bought it there.
cheapest knuckle rebuild kits I have seen in the states come from CruiserOutfitters.Com They are also OEM seals and bearings... Near or under $80 US last time I checked..
80 bucks in the USA, by the time it gets to Canada(shipping, GST, brokerage, PST, duties....) would be 200 bucks.

Don't order from SOR if the part is available in Canada. SOR will gouge you silly with there charges, then it hits the boarder and more gouging from our guys.

I bought my rebuild kits from 4wheel. I thought the parts looked fine.
#1, always have US to CDN shipped use the post office and claim "bearings, japan" on the invoice. NEVER USE UPS OR FED EX.

#2, I'd say ONLY USE the marlin inner axle seals from this point forward.
Cruiser Outfitters with out a doubt. Awesome dude.

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