Can you switch reg. doors w/ Amby's?

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Jul 9, 2003
Simple question... Can you switch swing gate and hatch with amby doors? I realize that you would have to put a hinge on the top, but does one of the bottom hinges line up? Thanks

Ok, I can see that, but do they match up with the top and tub? I figured on some mods to the hinges, and what not. I'm looking to buy one that doesn't have amby doors, but at some point would like to convert.
So the real question is...

Is there a more astetically pleasing option for a '75 plus w/o a hard top than the aluminium rectangel that covers the amby void?
I agree with what gumby just said. I just bought a set of pre 75 half door with all hardware for about 70.00. Thats the same price as one of the filler panels.. I have to do a little rust repair and spray them, but I think it will be a much nicer appearance. The lower hinges will have to be drilled, and a couple of other holes, but other than that, it looks like it will be a fairly clean install..

Hope this helps,

Ok...because that is what I was thinking about doing. I guess that I was confused by the start of this thread and thought someone was saying the the pre '75 dutch style doors would not fit on a later model.


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