Can you flat tow a 78 series with manual transmission?

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Mar 11, 2022
Las Vegas
I am new here and definitely have a limited mechanical knowledge. I know Toyota said no but I would like to know if anyone have used their land cruiser as a toad for their motorhome.
I cant see why not.
Just make sure the transfer case (and preferably transmission) are in neutral.
i dont know if it applies specifically to your truck, but i do know most people pull drive shafts out on toyotas. if you have manual front hubs, i think the front drive shaft can stay, but you might want to pull the rear drive shaft out.
People flat tow 80s with the driveshaft in. Their a thread in the 80 section about it.
There no need for driveshaft removal. It'll be spinning all way through into the tcase. Make sure that's in neutral. It'll be as though you're driving it, that's all.
To all that reply thank you guys, I'll give it a shot. I got electronic locking hubs so I'll keep it off and make sure the transfer case is in neutral and transmission on neutral. Hope it works, if not then it will be a very expensive fix. But there is only one way to find out right??

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